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About Iann Schonken

In 1988, Iann Schonken came to the United States from his country of birth, South Africa, to complete his college education. During this time, he served as an associate pastor in Ridgecrest, CA. After receiving his Master's degree in Religion (Church Leadership), he went on to assist various evangelistic ministries in over a decade of ministry, administration, traveling, and speaking. In 1996, he went full-time on the road as a traveling and crusade evangelist. ...

From 2002-2006, he assisted Pastor Benny Perez in launching a church plant in Las Vegas, NV. He co-authored MyPrayerpartner: A Systematic Approach to Prayer, and created The School of Prayer with his brother, Dr. Johann Schonken. Next, he authored, Go Vertical: 21 Days To An Improved Prayer Life. It was followed by a book entitled, The Art of Peace: 21 Days To A More Peaceful You.

Iann published his fourth book in 2020, entitled, Simply Supernatural: Believing God For The Impossible Again. His fifth book is slated for release in 2021.

Iann Schonken has over thirty years of ministry experience and ministers the Word with great compassion for his audience, expecting God to do signs and wonders in the lives of people. He became Lead Pastor at Family Fellowship Church in Oceanside, CA in 2006 and served in that capacity for 10 years. In 2016, he joined the executive pastoral leadership team at Visalia First in Visalia, CA. He has been married for over thirty years to his wife Melodi, and is the proud father of three boys.

WORK: Executive Pastor at Visalia First.
EDUCATION: Master's Degree from Vanguard University of Southern California.

Stop Look Listen (To Your Heart)

Corrie ten Boom once said that if the devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy. There is great truth in that. As you take a moment to look around, you will notice many people in that place of hurried pursuit. Sadly, they are so preoccupied that they don’t see all the goodness God has prepared for them. Join me in this book as we learn to stop, look, and listen to our hearts. I believe that God is calling from our hearts to us. He calls us to pause in at least seven sacred ways to secure the best possible outcomes in our lives. As we talk to God, we can hear what is next and best for us. As we commit to pausing for 24 hours each week, we can reset and refresh. As we regain the proper perspective, we can lean into stillness and quietness to hear the holy whispers of God. We will once again feel compassion for others in need. We will receive and release God’s soothing gift of forgiveness. Finally, we will learn to praise God as gratitude reigns in our hearts! You, too, can stop, look and listen to your heart!

A Person Of His Presence: Welcome God's Presence Into Your Busy Life

In Exodus, Moses understood that there is nothing on earth that can compare to having God's manifested presence in his life. When given the option to have an angel replace God's presence, he passionately asked the Lord to personally accompany His people through the wilderness on the way to the promised land. He wanted the Master more than His miracles. Throughout history, men and women had to exercise their free-will to either ignore or invite God's presence into their lives.In our times, we seem to need the manifested presence of God more than ever. But how to go about inviting and welcoming God into our very busy lives? How do we make sure that we don't relegate God to the bottom of our to-do lists? How do we position ourselves to become more receptive to His Holy Spirit's indwelling presence?

Join me as I explore with you the challenges and benefits of welcoming the presence of God into our scattered lives as we apply some of the ancient principles found in the Bible. You too can become a person of His presence!

Simply Supernatural: Believing God For The Impossible Again

When Jesus called His disciples to follow Him, He had a supernatural lifestyle in mind for them. Not a barely-get-by-and-hang-on-for-dear-life-until-Jesus-rescues-us-one-day mentality!

No, I believe He told us that we would do the things He did and even greater things because He went back to be with His Heavenly Father. If you look closely at John 14:12, you will see that the only qualifier for such a supernatural lifestyle was that you needed to believe in Jesus.

Do you believe in Jesus? Well, get ready for an exciting journey through Scripture as you explore the exciting possibilities of embracing a whole new level of living. Yes, at times there may be opposition to your mission. Yet, in the end, we will emerge victorious as we present a living and powerful opportunity for others to know God's heart towards them.

Open these pages and learn about the exciting way Jesus and His followers lived. Discover how a simply supernatural lifestyle is not only possible but within your reach today.

It is time to accept this invitation to believe God for the impossible again!

The Art of Peace: 21 Days To A More Peaceful You

Are you stressed-out and anxious? In search of personal peace? I have written this book to help you find peace in a hurting world. Want to master the somewhat mysterious art of peace? You can start your journey to peace right here.

Embrace a mosaic of perspectives on personal peace with God, yourself and others. Explore ageless principles broken down into manageable steps that will teach you how to prioritize your path to peace.

At first, it will feel like a challenge to embrace these wisdom principles in your hectic life. However, chapters were tailored to be short, simple reads. Start the process, and, before long, you will break into the delight of a peaceful lifestyle as you apply what you have learned.

Know this: New levels of peace are possible. Learn to prioritize and maintain your peace today!

Go Vertical: 21 Days To An Improved Prayer Life

I have always felt saddened by the unnecessary guilt people seem to feel the moment the topic of prayer comes up in a conversation. It seems like they believe that they will never be good enough and pray long enough to experience delight in prayer. But talking to your heavenly Father should be a delight, and something you can look forward to! Don’t you agree?

For many believers, their prayer lives have become a desolate battleground of personal failure. This is so unnecessary! A few slight adjustments can lift your chin as you look into the loving eyes of your heavenly Father!

In this book, I have compiled twenty-one principles to help you enter this wide-open, expansive world of joyful prayer. For the next twenty-one days, do one thing extra every day as you journey through different instructions from the Bible. Resist the temptation to rush ahead and finish this book in a single setting. Rather, savor the day’s lesson and allow yourself to ponder its implications. Then, the next day, when you add a new strategy, you will not forget the previous day’s lesson. At first it will feel like a new discipline, but you will quickly break through into pure delight.

Sooner than you think, you will enjoy your prayer journey with God!

My Prayerpartner: A Systematic Approach To Prayer

My PRAYERPARTNER is a tool that will help you become more effective and fervent in your personal prayer life during the next twelve months.

My PRAYERPARTNER was developed to assist you in the practical aspects of tracking both the people and issues you are praying about. It is a systematic approach to prayer that will free you to enter the delight of an effective daily prayer time. This book contains 52 weeks worth of easy-to-use forms and simple guidelines to maximize your daily devotions. As you diligently follow the practical steps of this prayer system and fill out the forms we provide in this book, we believe that you will stay on track and will have a journal of your prayer journey that you can share with loved ones in the years to come.

This book will empower you to inspire others to pray as they see the positive results of your example.